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Black & Asian Offenders Service works in partnership with National Probation Service throughout Greater Manchester. The service is focused upon complementing the work of Offender Managers to ensure that clients from Black and South Asian cultural backgrounds have better access to service provision.
The aims of the Black and Asian Offenders Service are to provide consultancy and cultural interpretation services to Black and South Asian Offenders throughout the Greater Manchester area.
Our Aims
  • Providing consultancy to Offender Managers on culture and faith issues for Black and Asian Offenders.
  • Co-working and consultancy with probation staff on complex high risk cases, providing a cultural and religious perspective to offending throughout all stages of probation intervention.
  • Ensuring that Black and South Asian service users have equal access to justice and are not constrained by a lack of understanding of their culture, faith or language or by their own lack of understanding of the criminal justice system.
Purpose of the Service
  • To ensure appropriate sensitivity to culture and faith issues by Offender Managers.
  • To positively manage difference by improved understanding of faith, culture, ethnicity and any experiences of discrimination that maybe barriers to work on offending behaviour.
  • To be available for consultation and case assessment via discussion and co-work and undertake co-delivery of work where relevant.
  • To facilitate and enable offenders abilities problem solve and access community resources.
The service provides assistance in writing culturally appropriate Pre-sentence Reports, co-work cases with offender managers and do one to one work with offenders. Offenders can be referred at pre-sentence stage or at the commencement or during community orders.
The service assists in writing culturally appropriate Parole Assessment Reports and offenders can be referred at the start or during a licence.
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